My first Alter

For those of you who don't know, an Alter is a raised structure or place used for both prayer and worship. Upon the alter are functional and symbolic items used for the purpose of worshiping the God and Goddess, casting spells, and/or saying chants and prayers. I remember reading about alters and how the kinds

Opening up

As I began to learn more about the wiccan belief system I found myself in this place of peace and understanding. I found myself becoming connected to things around me all the time. I also began to learn not all of the things I was experiencing in life were due to my mental health issue

My church

Even in the deepest parts of my drug addiction I never tainted my safe haven. I never brought the problems with me, those were left on the pavement. That was where I went to escape everything; even myself. The one place that no matter what I felt calm and safe. Just walking around watching nature