As I furthered my exploration into the world of Wicca I had continued to discover so much about not just myself the the world around me.

I was young and still a bit reckless in life back then so I wasn’t always living up to the belief system well even though I had very much agreed with and respected all that I had been learning.

“If it harm none, do what you will” is the code in which most Wicca’s live by. It is a code of ethics so to speak. When I had first started this adventure I was young and on drugs and in trouble all the time and trust me I had caused harm not only to those around me but to myself as well.

I had hoped that someday I could live my life by this and truly begin to connect with the Gods and Goddesses around me. I had spent many nights reading and learning to find inner peace in places other than the woods.

I had faith in the Goddess and I hoped that some how that would give me faith in myself. There was thankfully so much more for me to learn and practice in the meantime so I quickly began to focus on all those things.

Meditation was something that was not easy for me to learn. I have always had the attention span of a goldfish. I had found it easier to do out in nature someplace. I am not sure why but I could always just sit with my eyes closed and listen to the sounds of nature and just find peace there.

Learning rituals and holiday’s was an adventure in itself as there are bunch of them. There are two types of holidays, called sabbats and full moon esbats, there are 8 sabbat holidays throughout the year. You guessed it full moon esbats take place during a full moon so there are about 12 or 13 every year.

Learning about the cycle of the eight sabbats and the rituals that accompany them was exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Looking into the history of each of these events was just as much of a learning experience there was so much to learn and experience. More than I ever imagined and the more I learned the more peace I found.

“In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.”