On February 14, 2020, Travus took me to Salem, Massachusetts, and asked me to make the upgrade from girlfriend to fiancée.

We started planning, we set a date and sent out save the dates. Then Covid decided it was time for all of us to spend some alone time at home. So everything was put on hold.

COVID shut the world down but life kept moving and as we all know I ended up in Texas for a while so the big wedding hadn’t happened.

I came home and life kept moving. We had talked about it but never set any dates or made a real plan. One night sitting on the couch Travus asked me how I felt about getting married on April 24, 2024; I was all for it but told him I really wanted small. The smallest wedding ever.

I didn’t want to make an announcement and tell anyone we didn’t intend on having at the actual wedding until after it was all said and done. I didn’t want outside pressure or influence to put any negativity in our minds. This was supposed to be about us and what we wanted not anyone else.

So we called our people and asked if they would be there and let the planning begin. Having a date and knowing it was finally happening was both exciting and stressful.

We decided to go as personal as we could so everyone involved was family in some form or another.

My sister Tori was not just my Maid of Honor but did my hair and make-up AND walked me down the aisle.

Matthew and Cory stood by Travus’ side.

Our good friend Bill got ordained so he could perform the ceremony.

Danny and Jordan took the time to come be our photographers and got some amazing photos.

We did have one small hiccup the day before we did a venue change and my good friend Patty and a friend of hers helped me put together a beautiful new location and took care of all the setup and people placement so my sister and I could focus on getting ready.

On April 24, 2024, I made the upgrade from fiancée to wife. I married my best friend and to be honest, it was the second-best decision I have ever made.

Our wedding day/night and our little getaway to Canada were better than I ever dreamed of. I can’t thank those who were there and helped it all come together enough.

I am by far one of the luckiest women on this earth.

I never thought the day would come when I would sign off as anything other than Brandy Clear.

I used to joke about how I was born a Clear and I am going to die a Clear.

I was born a Clear and proud of it but now I am a Gonzalez and I am just as proud of that.

Thank you for being part of this ever-changing journey of mine.

Mrs. Gonzalez

“Marry your best friend. I do not say that lightly. Really, truly find the strongest, happiest friendship in the person you fall in love with. Someone who speaks highly of you. Someone you can laugh with. The kind of laughs that make your belly ache, and your nose snort. The embarrassing, earnest, healing kind of laughs. Wit is important. Life is too short not to love someone who lets you be a fool with them. Make sure they are somebody who lets you cry, too. Despair will come. Find someone that you want to be there with you through those times. Most importantly, marry the one that makes passion, love, and madness combine and course through you. A love that will never dilute – even when the waters get deep, and dark.”

― N’tima