Moving forward

After my first Birth mother's day experience and the over whelming love I felt from people who hardly knew me the lack of support at home became less relevant to me. Don't get me wrong I wished my family would understand why I did what I did and stop taking it so personally but it

My first Birth Mother’s day

The Saturday before Mother's day is Birth Mother's day and although it is a nationally recognized holiday it is rarely celebrated in public light. Adoption Star however felt that it was something that deserved to be celebrated and therefore started holding a Birth Mother's day brunch every year on birth mother's day. They openly invite

Slowly Steadying

I had found a family within Adoption Star. Between the staff and other birth mothers I was able to connect with because of Adoption Star I had found enough support to help me want to get my life together. Things were slowly getting there too. I had been clean for months and was doing really