Moving forward

After my first Birth mother's day experience and the over whelming love I felt from people who hardly knew me the lack of support at home became less relevant to me. Don't get me wrong I wished my family would understand why I did what I did and stop taking it so personally but it

My first Birth Mother’s day

The Saturday before Mother's day is Birth Mother's day and although it is a nationally recognized holiday it is rarely celebrated in public light. Adoption Star however felt that it was something that deserved to be celebrated and therefore started holding a Birth Mother's day brunch every year on birth mother's day. They openly invite

Slowly Steadying

I had found a family within Adoption Star. Between the staff and other birth mothers I was able to connect with because of Adoption Star I had found enough support to help me want to get my life together. Things were slowly getting there too. I had been clean for months and was doing really

Finding support

After our meeting getting the pictures and letters in the mail brought me a whole new joy. I still had my hard times with my decision mostly because so many in my life still didn't understand or accept my choice. My family was still very much unwilling to talk with me about it and continued