The second time around I put way more planing into things. Well more planing into how I would get out not so much how I would get away. My main focus was getting out and how to do so with out getting caught in two seconds, since everyone was now watching my every single move.

I had found some connection with some of these girls and staff alike so I had a small bit of guilt along side all of my planning.

I had begun to talk a few of the girls that I had that connection with about my plans and hoping I hadn’t misjudged them; I hadn’t. They were eager to help and even though I wasn’t sure of their motives behind it (as I couldn’t see what they would gain from it) I was happy to accept.

We would talk about the hows and whats and dos and don’ts every chance we got. I remember that day so clearly. Everything went so smoothly, even when I thought I was done for things seemed to go exactly how I needed them to.

In this detention we washed our street clothes once a month as these were our court close and unless we ere at court that sat in a bag in an attic getting dusty. Just on the other side of this door was our sneakers just hanging on the back of the door. Laundry day came and We sprung into action.

As I was to be returning my bag of street clothes to the attic I passed them off to the girl whose room was right above the bathroom and in exchange she gave me a bag of sheets. Now that she had my clothes she was supposed to drop them out her window onto the ground outside the bathroom window, she did exactly this.

I returned the bag of sheets to the attic and went right about my day. There were a significant amount of us so laundry day was really all day. As we were heading up to get shower stuff the girl I shared a room with noticed the attic door still open and pointed it out. Instantly I grabbed my shoes and tossed em to bathroom window girl and with out second thought she tossed em out the window.

While my roommate was in the shower she asked for permission to open the window. Now these windows opened maybe 2 or 3 inches tops but there were little alarms on the windows that would go off when you opened them, they didn’t go off for a long time just a minute maybe less but it was loud and startling so we always asked first.

My turn came to shower and no surprise the window was still open I spent part of my bathroom time removing the screws that kept the window from opening all the way, showered and went to my room smiling because I knew I wasn’t waking up there.

” Cleverness is not wisdom” – Euripides