I was in high school when my behavior had finally become too much for anyone to handle.

At the end of my freshman year they told my mom they couldn’t have me back next year and would find an appropriate placement for me to continue my education.

I remember at the time not being sad about leaving the school system I had spent my whole school life attending. Those kids hated me as much as I hated that school.

I didn’t hate school as in the learning part just the people part. Those kids and I hadn’t liked eachother since kindergarten and it showed regularly. The kids were cruel to me for years before I had finally begun to lash out, but when I decided to lash out oh was it bad.

When they had found a school that thought would suit me they called my mom so we could do a tour and decide if this is where I was going to finish my high school days.

The school itself was nice. It was meant for kids like me. Ones that didn’t behave the way the world around us thought we should. I remember finding out we had to wear a uniform and being super excited about it.

I wasn’t a poorly dressed child I just always liked the idea of school uniforms. I felt like maybe this could work for me. That I could find some peace in my place of learning and be able to do the things I wanted to do educationally.

I would quickly find out that this would be possible but not easy. As at this point it wasn’t just the people I was effected by but myself.

“As the sun’s shadow shifts, so there is no permanence on earth.” -Afghan