I am not always a fan of trigger warnings (it’s situational, and maybe I’ll write about it sometime), but in today’s world, I feel this one is appropriate.

After this point, there will be mention of school shootings. Please read this book talk and this book with care for your mental health.

Marieke Nijkamp takes you into the terror and trauma of a school shooting from several points of view.

For 54 terrifying minutes, you will follow four incredibly brave kids through the fight of their lives.

You will be right there front and center just feet away from a kid you thought you knew wondering if this morning was the last time you would see your parents.

On the other side of the doors knowing people you love are trapped inside, desperately wanting to get inside and rescue them

Just outside the school on the practice field, hearing the terror unfold inside. Running for help. Quite literally running.

I found myself feeling just as desperate that each one would make it out alive.

I was so impressed with the care that was taken while writing this book. The attention to detail and the genuine emotion with each turn of the page.

I was a bit nervous going in. Written differently and it could have given off a completely different vibe. School shootings are tragic and all too real in this world we live in and Marieke uses this story to give you a closer look into that terror in the most compassionate ways.

From the first page to the last, I was right there hanging on every word.

I didn’t need to die for him to kill me.

Marieke Nijkamp, This Is Where It Ends