It didn’t take long for Becca and Steve to start screwing around, they both had significant others so it wasn’t an ideal situation.

Becca would wait until Steve’s girlfriend went off to work at night and tell her boyfriend she was with me while she would sneak down the street to his house. It didn’t take long for that to become a bad idea. Steve’s girlfriend got out of work early one night and had a ride home so when she pulled in the driveway Steve made Becca head out the window and hop the fence to get away before they could be caught.

I remember Becca being so mad when she got to my house. Going on and on about how Steve had no right to do that to her and how she thought she meant more to him blah blah blah. I only felt a little bad when I looked at her and told her she had zero right to be pissed off. She didn’t like that much and it started an argument.

Joe didn’t want the fight so he quickly calmed the tensions with dope to share. We were calm instantly. We got high and sat around talking and laughing. Drugs can change the vibe in a room real quick.

Steve was at the house the next morning when I woke up. He and Joe were talking shit and drinking coffee. Steve and Becca had gotten into a fight because Becca was still pissed about having to jump out a window. Steve was annoyed that she was so mad. He didn’t understand how she why she was so mad and to be honest neither did I.

I mean they were having an affair its not something they could just do all willy nilly (insert eye roll here). Becca showed up shortly after Joe and Steve headed out for the day, the first thing she did was start to complain about the previous night’s events. I told her as we smoked our morning blunt that she couldn’t be mad about it.

She didn’t seem to understand why. So I broke it down for her. She still didn’t like the things I had to say so she changed the subject with a bag of dope and some pills she pulled from her purse and we just went on with the day in our drug-induced haze.

It wouldn’t take too long for this affair to affect the whole group and not just the two of them.

“Reality is just a crutch for people who can’t handle drugs.”  -Robin Williams