Brandy Fun Facts

This site has come to life because I decided I wanted to tell my story. I want to shine a light on the dark parts of life so those struggling in the shadows know they are not alone or forgotten. I just want others to know that they don’t have to make the whole journey alone.

On this page, though you will find fun facts and favorites lists. Things and places that have made me feel one positive emotion or another.

Movies I call favorites

I am an absolute sucker for tear-jerking movies. I love a good story filled with emotion. I can never get enough of horror films. They are above all my favorite even though I am almost always scared while watching them. I am not much of a fan in the way of comedy…I know it’s weird but I have never had the same sense of humor as most. Action movies became a thing for me as I got older they were almost as exciting as horror movies plus explosions. Here are a few movies I call Favorites.

Music that has touched my soul

Music is a life force for me. I listen to music every single day! As a kid, I would listen to music to fall asleep. My music choices are widely diverse. I have a love for almost everything. From country to heavy metal, right to classical and 50 and 60s music. There is very little I won’t at least give a listen to. My all-time favorite song in the whole wide world is

I don’t have like a real reason for this to be the one I call my all-time but it is. Here are a few songs that have helped me or spoken to me in one way or another.

Books I couldn’t put down

Books are such a big deal in my life that I can’t even begin to describe the difficulty I had trying to decide which four books were going to go on this page. I love to read almost everything. I am not a huge fan of romance novels. They just aren’t my thing but anything else and I am down to read it. I chose these 4 books because well honestly because they are amazing books and I spent almost an hour staring at the screen with these four books thinking about the hundreds of books I could replace them each with. Each of the books below had come to me at different stages in life and still to this day captivates me like it’s the first time all over again.

Things I Call Hobbies

I love to do arts and crafts stuff, you know making bead necklaces and friendship bracelets painting figurines and such. I love being outside and learning about the world around me. I love watching nature documentaries, BBC documentaries to be exact. I enjoy cooking and learning new recipes and tricks in the kitchen. I play the Sims 3 a lot. I love building houses and micromanaging everything (lol). I love time management games such as Diner Dash and Carrie the Caregiver. I enjoy crime shows true crime and fictional crime alike. I have this odd fascination with things like that. The morbid spooky stuff.

I hope this has been as fun for you to read as it was for me to write. I also hope this gives you a better look at the not-so-dark parts of me. I want to thank you all for your continued love and support.

– Brandy