This post is a little different than normal as it’s not about me or anything I have done, but I want to praise the man I call mine.

About a year, year, and a half ago, Travus came to me with an idea to write a Puerto Rican cookbook with some of his family’s favorite recipes.

Per usual, I was all about it and told him I thought it was a great idea and he should go for it.

As someone who has eaten a bunch of these recipes, I knew it was a great idea.

Night after night, weekend after weekend, this man made the time to write out his recipes. All while still working his day-to-day job with all its projects and making sure I never once felt neglected.

He worked his ass off to put the pages together in an easy-to-follow way with the appropriate images in the appropriate places.

He spent long nights learning how to format his book for all formats, including Kindle!!!!

Then he jumped into the deep end and submitted it for publication, and he sat nervously, waiting to find out and I sat back just waiting to tell everyone I know that he wrote a cookbook and where they could find it.

I never doubted this man for a second. I knew he would succeed, and I am so beyond blessed to have been by his side to watch another dream come true.

Travus, my love, I am so proud of you that even those words don’t express just how proud I am. You have yet again set your mind to something and worked your ass off to make it a thing! You are so absolutely amazing, and I am so very blessed to be part of your journey.

For those of you who are interested in where to find the cookbook here you go

It is available on Kindle, also in paperback, and hardcover. If you’re looking for new and delicious recipes grab yourself a copy and get cooking.

Remember to always show your support for the ones you love out here making moves they didn’t think were possible for them because sometimes all it takes to push others to where they dream of being is a little faith, love, and pixie dust.

“Someone who truly loves you will never expect you to give up your goals, dreams or ambitions. They will encourage you, not hold you back.”

 Anthon St. Maarten