Oh my goodness! Now I will not lie I have been touch and go with reading for a bit but this book had me from the first page!

The flow of this story starts on page one. There are no real moments of downtime and there is that constant “what’s gonna happen next” feeling with every turn of the page. I got so wrapped up in Josie’s stories that I was thinking about it during my non-reading activities.

Both Josie and Alix are captivating with their own stories and own lives but Lisa brings them together in a way that will leave you thinking about them both long after you finish that last page.

The amount of “Wait?! What?!” moments I had while reading this left me wondering if maybe the title was a little giveaway to what is inside. Just when you think you figured it out and you have all your ducks in a row 3 more ducks show up and now you’re back to the “wait, what?!”

One of my favorite reads so far this year.

“When she doesn’t like the reality of things, she finds a reality she prefers.”

Lisa Jewell- None of this is true