As most of you know February 14th my boyfriend took me to Salem, Ma for Valintine’s day weekend. A trip I didn’t expect to change my life in the ways that it has.

We left at the wee hour of 3 am and started our journey. The drive was quick (mostly because we avoided all the traffic by leaving in the middle of the night. Upon our arrival, we decided to head to the hotel to check it out and make sure we could find it as we arrived 3 hours before our check-in time.

The amazing hotel staff was able to check us in early so we headed back to the car and grabbed our bags and dropped everything off to our room. we grabbed some food at a local diner and hit the streets to start our adventures. As we walked around the shops and museums I had no idea what was just around the corner.

We had a late dinner reservation so we decided to head back to the hotel for a bit to unwind before getting ready for our dinner date. As we both started getting ready for dinner I was so full of excitement I didn’t notice that Travus was a ball of nerves.

As I finished getting ready he told me he was got to head down to the lobby to talk to the gentleman at the front desk about where to have the car pick us up and told me to take my time. A few moments later he text me from the lobby saying there was no rush as Joe ( the gentleman at the front desk) was checking in some guests. So I took an extra few minutes to finish getting ready.

I sent travus a text letting him know I was on my way down to the lobby. Upon exiting the elevator Travus was still waiting for Joe to finish up with the other guests so we took a seat in the lounge area and just chatted a bit. Suddenly Travus got up and headed toward the front desk.

He quickly and I mean quickly returned with Joe by his side. I won’t lie in this very moment I felt nothing but panic I thought that something was wrong and I was about to get into trouble. Yes, here I am 34 years old afraid like a 12-year-old who just got caught sneaking out or something.

Travus stood in front of me and began to tell me how much he loves me and how important I am to him and in between his words I had lost the visual on Joe ( who was standing just far enough away to take the most amazing pictures of this extremely important moment in our lives.) and had been completely lost in the words coming out of my incredibly nervous boyfriend’s mouth.

Before I knew what was happening he was down on one knee asking me to be his wife. Completely shocked as we have talked about getting married I had no idea he was going to ask, and in the lounge of The Hotel Salem none the less.

Crying my eyes out as I exclaim “HERE, YOU’RE DOING THIS HERE?!”( Which made Joe’s heart stop for a moment as he wasn’t sure if that was a happy question or an angry one lol) quickly followed by “YES!”.

I went to dinner with my fiancé and had some of the best seafood EVER, the entire time still in shock of the day’s events. I had no idea when I got into the car at 3 am with my boyfriend that I would be having dinner at 930pm with my fiancé in one of the most incredible towns I have ever set foot in.

You came in my life like a hurricane and stayed back in the form of the calm and surreal stability that’s there after a storm. I love you.