There are things we talk about doing all our lives and never actually do for one reason or another. Sometimes things do not go as we had hoped or planned and so we deal with the disappointment and move on.

A few years back Travus and I had discussed taking a road trip to Salem, Ma. We were not a couple at the time and my life was in a very chaotic state at the time (Shocking I know πŸ˜‚) so this trip did not happen. Shortly after getting together we talked about it again. Just as excited as the first time we talked about it but now it would be a bit more special as we would be doing this as a couple and not just friends on a road trip.

As this is not just an adventure for me but something like a religious retreat I wanted to go for Halloween.

So we began to make a plan, you know the basics. Hotels and other expenses that would arise on such a trip. We put in our desired time off at our jobs but per the ways of the universe, those plans once again fell through for no reason other than life had other plans at the moment. So we once again swallowed our disappointment and moved on.

Even after the second fail, we kept it on our to-do list. We had talked about maybe going a different time of year and to be honest it was something I didn’t hesitate to agree to, although it would have been incredible to be there on Halloween it was more about the experience than the timing.

Also, I did a bunch of research and realized there would be THOUSANDS of people there during that time and well lets be real here I am not about that life that’s just too much for me.

So over the months, we make small steps toward making this more than a to-do list item. Looking into different times of the year to visit and starting a small Salem fund to help get us there and what not and we just keep moving on with day to day life.

Last week I got a text message from Travus asking me if I would like to spend Valentine’s weekend in Salem! Of course, my answer was YES without skipping a beat. He had told me he still needed to figure some details out and he couldn’t promise me anything but he would let me know as soon as he had it all worked out.

This incredible man worked his ass off to pull all of these pieces together and was able to text me back later telling me the hotel was booked and we were going. The love and overall excitement I felt brought me to tears. I can’t begin to thank this man enough for all of the things he does for me on a regular basis and now this! The love is real my friends and so is the excitement.

So after all that he does to make this a reality for us he makes me a countdown page here on the website ( ) that I can look at whenever I feel the need (which as of late is every few hours πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚).

I can not wait to make this trip and these memories with such an amazing human being by my side! There will be plenty of pictures and whatnot upon my arrival home and probably a long-ass post about how much I loved everything.

Travus I can not thank you enough for all you do! Thank you, Love! I love you to the moon and back!😘❀😍

Blessed Be

“If you would be a magician, honor the Earth. Honor life. Love. Know that magic is the birthright of every human being, and wisely use it.” -Scott Cunningham