We had all begun to notice Stacy’s change in, well everything. She wasn’t taking care of the boys and was never home.

She would have a million excuses but no answers. I thought she was cheating, Tom though he thought it was the crack. He never denied the possibility that she was sleeping around but he always blamed it on the crack. So he confronted her and low and behold he was right.

She was using all the time she was doing what ever she needed to to get it. Tom had found out where and when and with who she was using and confronted and threatened most of them. Some wouldn’t talk to her some didn’t care what Tom had to say her money was good there.

I was on my way home one night and I could hear the screaming half way down the block. I stopped right where I was a sat on the ground and smoked a whole cigarette while trying to find someone to hang out with so I didn’t have to go there and listen to the bull shit any louder than I already could.

Suddenly all went silent and the door slammed shut and I could see Tom walking away from the house towards his dad’s house.

Everything seemed clam when I walked in the door. Stacy was on the couch the kids were in bed and she acted as though the whole neighborhood didn’t hear them screaming at each other.

I showered and decided I wanted to get high but not here the kids were home so I told Stacy I would be back and out the door I went. I was not by any means ready for what I would return to though.

” I can resist anything except temptation.” – Oscar Wilde