Thing had gone perfectly all night long and much to my surprise they would continue to do so.

A few hours after lights out I “woke up” to use the bathroom. With my staff escort I headed down the stairs and into the bathroom. AS my escort waited outside the bathroom I pushed the still open window the rest of the way open and climbed out.

I scooped up my clothes and quickly changed right there under the bathroom window. I changed my shoes and I was off. Running full speed through the hospital parking lot just behind my building like monsters were chasing me.

I am not sure exactly how far I ran or for how long but it felt like forever. I finally slowed myself to a steady walking pace and just kept moving forward.

I came across a gas station where an older gentleman outside had started up a conversation with me about where I was going so late at night. Quick on my feet I came up with a story about my boyfriend and I getting into an argument and he left me at a party and that my purse and things were in his car. He offered me a ride part of the way. I declined and said I planned to call a friend from the gas station.

He seemed unsure of just leaving me there and to prove it he called the local police to ask what they thought should be done. Before I knew it I was on the phone with a police man giving him the same story I had given the other man. With in seconds I had a semi fake back story and reason to be roaming the streets.

I had given the police the most generic fake name ever heard “Britney Smith” but before long I was getting a safe escort to where I wanted to be. As jurisdictions were crossed I was dropped off with a corresponding officer who drove me to the next drop point so on and so forth until I was exactly where I wanted to be

I met up with my boyfriend at the time a gas station close to his house so that the cops wouldn’t know exactly where he lived but we knew we couldn’t stay there. Not after last time. His mother will never allow it. We both knew we had to come up with a safe place to stash me before the sun came up.

” No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.” – Carl Jung