After our meeting getting the pictures and letters in the mail brought me a whole new joy.

I still had my hard times with my decision mostly because so many in my life still didn’t understand or accept my choice. My family was still very much unwilling to talk with me about it and continued to take it as a personal dig to them.

It was so hard trying to explain to them that this is where my son belonged. These were the people who were meant to be his parents. It sounds crazy and I know that but its how I feel and felt even then.

I found most of my support at Blue rose (which is a birth parent support group) and the adoption agency. These meeting helped so much. Just having someone else understand and really understand what I was thinking and feeling and just all of it.

I had some friends I could take to about things with out much judgement but there was no real understanding. I wan’t mad at them for it. They had never placed a baby for adoption so the had no way to have any real understanding of what I was going through.

I quickly noticed I wasn’t the only birth mother with out at home support and this broke my heart. I knew just what those other women were going through and just how hard it could get to cope.

I began to talk to Adoption Star to find out if there was any way I could help the birth parents like me that had no one at home to lean on.

I was given so many ways that I could help that I decided this was going to be not just for them but for me as well. I was going to turn my life around while making a positive impact on someone else’s for the first time in my life.

“little souls find their way to you, whether their from your womb or someone else’s” -Sheryl Crow