Even in the deepest parts of my drug addiction I never tainted my safe haven. I never brought the problems with me, those were left on the pavement.

That was where I went to escape everything; even myself. The one place that no matter what I felt calm and safe. Just walking around watching nature just do it’s thing is extremely grounding.

One of my most favorite things about nature is that it doesn’t care that I am there or why or what I am feeling or thinking it just carries on doing all the beautiful things it does while wrapping me in a safe warm blanket of peace.

When I found the Wiccan religion my connection to nature made so much more sense to me. This only sparked my desire to learn as much as could about the Wiccan belief system and it’s workings as I could.

This part of my life also made me feel out of place as most of my family is Catholic and well friends weren’t really something I had. I had yet again found myself alone with questions and not many places to look for answers.

I was still very ready to take this journey and find my place among the Gods and Goddesses that watch over and protect me. So I decided to go to the one place I found myself most connected….

“Wicca’s temples are flowered-splashed meadows, forest, beaches, and deserts.” 
― Scott Cunningham