So this post is late as Beltane was May 1st. As we all know life happens so here we are.

The information from here on out is how I personally celebrate Beltane. Yes, some of these things you will find elsewhere as well. I have my own way of doing things but my core beliefs and practices are shared by many.

Spiritually I focus on things like abundance, growth, union, purification, and ancestors along with some others. Beltane is about planting the seed and preparing for the growth that shall come from it.

As with most things Beltane is very much about nature and our connection to it. Plants and flowers are a great way to connect with the world around you. Some flowers and plants I like to collect and place on my altar for Beltane are Daffodils, Ivy, Tulips, Rose, lilac, and honeysuckle.

Dressing in green or other light spring colors or just decorating your altar and or space with these colors is also a good way to go.

Much like Yule, there is a tradition involving fire. For Beltane, it is typically done as a bonfire but can be simplified much more by just setting some time aside to make sure you have a candle burning, or weather permitting cooking your Beltane feast on an open flame.

I typically will have 2 to 3 candles ( light green light purple and white) set out for the day to burn throughout the day as I don’t have the space to have an outside fire. My Beltane feast is typically just a regular dinner with intention. There are a few witchy recipes I have found that I love like one for lavender lemon shortbread.

I try to spend as much time as I can outdoors or with open windows just going with the natural rhythms of the earth at this time. I am also very much a night person and draw a lot of my energies from the moon so for me being outside for a good chunk of time at night is very important to me during any of the Sabbats.

At the end of the night, I end any sabbat with a goddess ritual of my own design. It is my way of personally connecting with my goddesses and gods of choice and thanking them for guiding me through another season.

Here is a chant that I use during my closing rituals to honor our mother earth. Great earth mother!
We give you praise today
We ask for your blessing upon us.
As seeds spring forth
and the grass grows green
The winds blow gently
and the rivers flow
the sun shines down
upon our land,
we offer thanks to you for your blessings
and your gifts of life each spring. 

‘As we light the Beltane flame, I make this bread in Love’s sweet name.

Two halves together bound as one, Beltane’s dance has now begun!’