Hecate, goddess of the night,
With power that shines so bright,
She walks the paths of the underworld,
Guiding souls with her powerful word.

She holds the keys to the realm of death,
And controls the very breath,
Of those who enter her domain,
With wisdom and power that’s hard to gain.

She’s the mistress of magic and spells,
And her wisdom, no one can dispel,
She’s the protector of the crossroads,
And the one who knows the secrets of old.

She’s the goddess of fate and destiny,
And the one who helps us find clarity,
In the darkness, she is our guide,
And her light, we’ll never hide.

So let us honor Hecate,
With offerings and rituals that are great,
For she is the one who guides us through,
And gives us the strength to see it through.

“Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft and magic, is a powerful symbol of the ability to change one’s fate.”