The darkness envelops me,
A heavy cloak of despair.
It seeps into my bones,
Draining the movement from my limbs.

I am lost in a void of emptiness.
A never-ending cycle of pain. In this place, I thought I knew so well but nothing feels the same.

I am growing tired of this game.
Of fighting this battle within;
I long for the peace of oblivion.

Trapped inside my mind,
A prison of my own,
I long to break free,
To leave myself alone.

The bars are made of thoughts,
That I can’t seem to shake,
And the weight of my being,
Is more than I can take.

I dream of open skies,
And a life without a care,
But these chains of self-doubt,
Have me ensnared.

I want to be free,
To spread my wings and soar,
But my own mind holds me captive,
Forever locked behind closed doors.

So I’ll stare at the sky,
And wish for what could be,
Longing to be free,
From the prison of me.”

“I felt myself melting into the shadows like the negative of a person I’d never seen before in my life.”

Sylvia Plath