Right before my trip to Salem, MA I spoke about my excitement about the trip but never really talked about the reasons I was so excited.

For me, this trip was more than just a tourist destination it was a religious experience. I wanted more than anything to stand in this space and feel all I could feel and to learn all I could learn.

I was also just looking forward to finding some space that didn’t judge me for my religious beliefs and how I chose to practice my craft. One of my favorite things about being a Wiccan is the fact that there is no one group of people in charge to tell you how you’re supposed to practice.

Wicca is very much a solitary thing and don’t get me wrong there are rituals and holidays that some prefer to celebrate with others which is also okay as with Wicca you follow that path the calls to your heart.

I couldn’t have been more excited to explore this space as I was when we stepped out of the car and my feet hit the ground. Now we went in the offseason which for us made more sense. So the streets were not flooded with people and some of the tourist attractions were not open these things were all fine with me.

I mean, of course, I wanted to do the tourist thing but I wanted to learn as well. I didn’t just come for a show if you know what I mean. I couldn’t believe how much of my experiences were legitimately educational and how they really talked about the legitimacy of the Wiccan religion and where the world had taken their fears.

Even people in the shops had this beautiful accepting energy about them. My favorite was the shops that asked you not to pull your phone out and to just connect with the people and space around you. Yes, I wanted all the pictures and I got a ton of them hundreds, to be honest, but it was so nice to find those little hidden treasures that I get to keep for myself.

This trip changed my life in ways I didn’t see coming and not just with my engagement but with my soul and my outlook on things around me.

I have mentioned before how I was falling out of touch with my craft and my goddess and how I just wanted to get back to the place I once was spiritually. This trip and the love and support from Travus has helped me find my way back to where my heart once was.

Check out some of the pics here https://brandyclear.com/salem/

You don’t have to wander around in silk robes burning sage with crystals tied to your head to find the power within.

― Jessica Marie Baumgartner