One of the downsides to getting older is how quickly time passes.

You blink and suddenly it’s 3 months later and you have no idea how the hell that happened and then realize all the things you have yet to do or have forgotten to do. All the things that you loved to do you have stopped altogether.

This is my life right now.

I haven’t read a book in so many months like more than two and it makes me sad. I have started so many but haven’t been able to get into them or haven’t made time to sit and read. I haven’t been writing or reaching out much at all on most platforms not just here.

I am distracted and stressed and one day just blurs into the next. I have made no real-time for myself and have been running on autopilot. There are so many things I want or need to do and I feel like there is no time to accomplish anything as something else is always requiring my attention.

These first four months of 2021 have been crazy for the lack of a better word. So much has changed and so many things put on hold and I feel myself slipping away with the days.

I am trying to hold myself accountable as no one but me can make me pick up the book or write out the story or do any of the things.

This is part of that. I have to start somewhere, may as well be here.

As I sit here writing this I can feel a bit of ease wash over me. I glance up to see Travus across the room gaming as Rocket Man fills the space between us I find a moment of calming bliss.

These are the moments I hope to find more of. The positive pull I need to keep me from slipping in the darkness.

We kill time. We save time. We rob and get robbed of time, we lose time, and we have all the time in the world. But no one of us is powerful enough to stop the march of time or slow it down.