For years and years, you were my go-to, my “ride or die” The one I would call when it was all going wrong and the one I would celebrate with when it was all going right. My best friend.

We once stood side by side through everything. We experienced each other’s losses and gains, heartbreaks and new flames, we encouraged each other to grow. To do better and be better.

Now, I don’t even know you. I’m not sure I would even recognize you on the street and I know I can no longer spot you in a crowd.

It’s baffling how quickly you became a faded memory. A memory I get quick glances of randomly but not consistently.

You know nothing about me or what’s going on in my life, except what you read here and occasionally creep on social media. Let’s be honest that’s not even a fraction of what you used to know.

My mom told me early on that you were no good… I should have listened. I didn’t, though. I didn’t listen to anyone who said it. In the end, they were right, and you did nothing more than prove me wrong.

Why was there one more moment in my life where I had to look at my mom and tell her she was right? Why were YOU that moment?!

I won’t lie at first it hurt, really bad. So bad. I wasn’t sure what to do next. Who was I going to turn to when I felt like I couldn’t do it alone?!

There were days I wanted to call or text and ask you to meet up and talk things through and get back to “normal”. As much as I wanted that my inner peace knew better.

So I didn’t call, I couldn’t. As badly as I wanted to, I knew I couldn’t do it it would cause more harm than good for us both.

I aggressively wiped you from my life as quickly as I could. Blocked you on everything and deleted every picture I came across.

To be honest, I still do. Every time you pop up in a “memory,” I hit delete.

As you should know my “forget you exist ” game is strong as fuck.

This isn’t really about wanting resolution here. For the first time in my life, I don’t feel the need for it. I wouldn’t be able to trust a word you had to say anyway.

You leaving my life created room for so much. So much love, support, and positivity have come into my life since you’ve been gone.

Thank you, thank you for finally showing me who you are so I could walk away.

Thank you for being smart enough to stay away.

I hope you get everything you deserve in this life, I really do.

Finally letting go,


“A broken friendship can be a comma or a full stop, you choose.”