In shadows deep, A dance begins a dark charade. Intrusive thoughts, unyielding, invade, Their poison spreads, a relentless cascade.

A whispered symphony of doubt and dread, Echoes resound within my head. They twist and turn, like demons entwined, Binding my thoughts, leaving reason confined.

Their tendrils grasp at fragments of peace, Feeding on fears, their appetite insatiable. In the recesses of my mind, Intrusive thoughts grow stronger, more unkind.

They paint macabre scenes, vivid and cruel, Saturating my thoughts, hopeless dread. Whispers of failure, echoes of shame, A never-ending battle, a haunting game.

In the abyss, hope flickers and wanes, As sanity’s grip weakens, slowly drains. They mock my dreams, shatter my desire, With each passing day, the torment grows higher.

I struggle to break free, to find release, But their presence lingers, it does not cease. For darkness lurks within, a constant fight, And these deadly thoughts wield their relentless might.

I’m trapped within this labyrinth of my own, Lost in a web of thoughts I can’t disown. A somber ending, it seems to be, As darkness consumes and envelops me.

Yet in the depths, a flicker remains, A glimmer of hope amidst despair’s reign. I’ll cling to resilience, I’ll fight through the pain, Seeking solace in moments, however mundane.

“Thoughts are only thoughts. They are not you. You do belong to yourself, even when your thoughts don’t.

― John Green