She walks the night sky,
The moon; a goddess so fair,
With silver light in her eyes,
And beauty beyond compare.

She guides the tides of the sea,
And reigns over the night,
With a radiance that’s meant to be,
And a serene, ethereal light.

She’s the queen of the lunar sphere,
And the ruler of the night,
With a gentle, calming atmosphere,
That’s both peaceful and bright.

She’s the goddess of mystery,
And of secrets yet untold,
With magic that’s meant to be,
And a beauty that’s pure and old.

She’s the hope in the night,
With a radiance that’s boundless,
And a beauty that’s always in sight.

So let us raise our eyes to the sky,
And honor the moon goddess so fair,
With a heart full of wonder and sigh,
And a soul filled with her light and air.

“The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to.”

Carl Sandburg