I haven’t done a Wicca post in a while so I feel like it’s time. Plus I am spending some time refocusing my spiritual self.

So last month I discovered a little witchy shop about 45 mins away from where I am living. Yes I know 45 mins is a long time but you have to understand I live literally in the middle of nowhere.

I did end up with some things I was low on and a stone I have been SEARCHING for, so it was definitely a win. Finding this stone is actually what pushed me to start taking care of my spiritual self again.

Anyways so I find this place online and my sister and I go check it out. It was a cute little place and would serve my needs but nothing too special.

There is going to be a whole post on the stone and what it’s for and all that this is kind of my reintroduction to my witchy content. So stick with me.

I want to use this post to touch on a few things before I start deep diving into my beliefs.

Firstly and most importantly there is no one way or right way to practice Wicca. This is very much a journey for you and your deities. You also DO NOT have to worship any deities at all to practice Wicca.

So with that being said please know that the information you get from me about Wicca is my personal brand of practice.

Now there will be information in my posts that you will find elsewhere as I have learned from as many available resources as I can. So herb and crystal talk will be mostly information you can find on any site ask will some basic beliefs and pathwork.

My ritual and spell work as well as other things that I talk about will differ vastly from things you may have heard and seen elsewhere. This is what I mean about my brand of practice.

Not all witches believe the same thing therefore we don’t all practice in the same ways which is one of the many things I embrace about Wicca and its community.

At heart we are all powerful, beautiful, and capable of changing the world with our bare hands.

Dianne Sylvan