As I do with most things, I tend to neglect my spiritual side when I hit a manic state.

Luckily the goddesses and gods hold no grudges as they in perfect love and perfect trust wait for you to find your place on your path.

I however always feel a bit guilty for the neglect as I know they have never neglected me, so I have a “ritual” to help me reconnect with my goddesses and gods.

Now don’t get me wrong even when I am on my game and have all my Chakras in a row I still do not have a ritual daily or active spell work. Some days is an incantation as I stir my morning coffee or a simple card pull.

However, when I lack as I have of late I have a whole “reconnecting” ritual that I go through. Sometimes it goes smoothly and quickly and others it is draining and takes days.

I start everything with sage! Everything! I not only sage my workspace but the entire room I am working in along with my own body.

My next step is always to cast a circle and ask for protection as I work. I want to set my intentions to be honest and pure and therefore want to keep my space safe on all possible levels.

From there I slowly reintroduce myself. Now there are a lot of ways to do this and you have to find the ways that resonate with you and your craft.

I am a rambler, so I do a lot of over-explaining where I’ve been and why I’m slacking while setting up offerings and burning relevant herbs with corresponding colored candles.

I have spent a large chunk of my spiritual life hiding my practice from those around me so I am more of an internal talker than a verbal one.

This causes no issues as your intention is the energy you give off and you can still be heard even if no sound leaves your mouth. The goddess is always listening.

In the end, I will blow out any candles that are to be blown out (letting the ones that require natural burnout do so before ending my ritual) and say my thank yous. I close my circle and clean up my space.

Right now I do not have a dedicated altar space but when I do that is where I work so I just reorganize what needs to be and clean up supplies that are stored.

I will typically spend some time with my cards after a reconnecting ritual because if I am slacking at my craft chances are it’s been a while since I picked up my deck.

It’s another very ritual-like process that is could be a post of its own, so keep an eye out for that.

Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.

J. R. R Tolkien, The Fellowship of the ring