We had finally come up with a plan the seemed flawless, it seemed flawless because we were teenagers in all reality it was probably the worst plan we could have come up with.

My boyfriend reached out the the black sheep in his family for time keeping sake we will call her Julie. Julie quickly offered us a safe place to hide and party.

We arrived at Julie’s house to welcomes and beer there was even a little pot for us to smoke. She has set us up a bedroom and told us to make ourselves at home.

It was understood that I was to answer the door for no one and never go out during the day. If I was going to stay out of lock up I had to stay out of sight.

This worked for a little while for a day or 2 I didn’t leave at all but this quickly became a problem. I hated feeling trapped. Julie had the idea of dying my hair to change my appearance and make me less noticeable.

I went for as dramatic of a change as I could get, jet black. My boyfriend loved it and I really thought it would work.

I still don’t have all the facts but from what I understand my boyfriends mom made the call to police about where I was. My boyfriend and I had been out night walking when we returned to the house to find cops in the driveway.

Julie insisted I wasn’t there and even offered to let them in my boyfriend approached the house whole I hid in the bushes near by. His hope was to talk them into believing he didn’t know where I was and they would leave.

That wasn’t how it played out though. They very quickly started to talk about arresting Julie for harboring a run away and what kind of trouble my boyfriend could get into. These things made me panic I had no intention of getting anyone else into trouble for what I had done.

I came out of the bushes and walked up the driveway. The police noticed me walking toward them but seemed unsure of who I was until we were face to face. I guess the dye job worked. They let me say my good byes and took me away.

The whole car ride I complained about not wanting to go back and if they put me back there I would just run again. I had made it clear I would do anything to not be there including hurting myself. I was serious too, I didn’t want to go back there.

The officer in the passenger seat had finally had enough of my mouth and- turned to me and said “Brandy calm down we are taking you to Hopevale Detention Center, not back where you were.” With those words came relief. I was now half way to where I wanted to be.

“The need for certainty is the greatest disease the mind faces.” – Robert Greene