Okay, so this next book I definitely read younger than I should have but it is AMAZING!

This is absolutely an adult book but I did read it in my earlyish years of high school (10th or 11th grade). I had heard everyone talking about it because someone in school had gotten caught with the book and it was a big ta do.

Anyway, the book is Addicted by Zane

For Zoe finding the pleasure she wants and how she wants will quickly become an overpowering addiction putting everything she has at risk, her family and her business alike.

You will follow Zoe through the discovery and downfall of her addiction and the ride is definitely a wild one.

She will have to learn some hard truths about herself and those around her.

With twists and turns, you won’t see coming this book is a page-turner.

I was a quick read for me as I had ( and still do when I decide to reread it which I have done several times) a very hard time setting this one down.

As I said before I read this book a little younger than my mother probalby would have liked but it was a book that opened me up too differnt types of stories and writings. It may have been a little before my time but it was full of lessons to learn not only about myself but about others and honestly a little bit about addiction and what it does to people and the people around them.

“Love is indeed blind, and it makes you imagine qualities in a person that don’t exist.”

Zane, Addicted