One place in my whole life I ever felt pure peace naturally was while out in nature itself. Not being outside in the back yard but in an open field full of wild flowers or in the woods surrounded by trees and nature sounds.

Don’t get me wrong sitting out in the back yard or on the front porch and enjoying the world is a nice thing too but there is so much extra that comes with that. The noise of the traffic, the smells of commercial and residential life and all the extra people.

Getting “lost” in the quite parts of nature have always been my favorite. I could always find some form of calm in those places. I could take a book and sit on a creek bed alone for hours and be calmer than I had been in days in an instant.

There was a magic out there in those tree covered places. Although it wasn’t something I could see it was something I could most definitely feel. I loved all the ways nature functioned and behaved. From leaves falling from tree limbs to raindrops falling from storm clouds.

Rain storms have been one of my most favorite things for as long as I can remember (I’m sure as a small child I probably wasn’t a fan). I love the sound of thunder and lighting. The hard sounds of the rain hitting the earth around it. The smell is intoxicating and calming all at once.

My connection with the natural part of the world around me would later play a big part in other parts of my life as I started to discover things for myself.

” To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles” -Mary Davis