I haven’t posted since June 24th but I have had so much to say. So much to get off my chest and felt as though I had no place to put it.

Then I realized that the point of this blog was to remind others they are not alone and in the midst of my chaos I shut down and pulled back and essentially abandoned my mission.

I have sat here a lot over the months starting posts and never posting them, worried about what the backlash could be and who would get mad. The people that would have nothing but negative things to say…..

Then I remembered this is MY SPACE.

I commented on an earlier post that these are MY thoughts feelings and actions during different stages of my life, including the present. This is how I saw things or felt them or dealt with them not how anyone else did. This is true for any present-day posts I make as well. This is about how I feel and where MY head and heart are, not anyone else’s. Yes, these stories involve others but I have no right to speak on how they think(thought) feel (Felt), or act(ed).

This is about me and my headspace and my process. I need to learn to stop letting my manic control EVERYTHING! I need to learn that somethings can be mine and just the way I want them to be. I do not have to apologize for any of my content here. I will not do that. I will not take something else I have worked so hard for and turn it into anything other than what I want it to be.

Please know that I appreciate all the love and support but if at any time you come across something you do not like or do not agree with please know you are free to stop reading and move on. With that being said there is more to come. Regarding both where I left off past wise and what is happening now. I am actively working on getting better at pushing through these lows which I will also talk more about soon. So be prepared for a semi-busy posting session for awhile.

As always thank you for your neverending love and support.

The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.

Bruce Lee