On June 21st I posted about an overdose situation I had encountered and began to explain that I was planning on taking steps to start an NA meeting in my own area. I went on about how much I felt this was needed and that I wasn’t going to stop until I was able to do this for my community.

Sunday, July 14th, 2019 I had a meeting with a church Pastor in my neighborhood about the possibility of holding a meeting in the church once a week. As I sat in the hallway of this church waiting for worship to finish up, a couple approached me to ask how I was and if I was there to talk about joining the church.

Nervously I explain to them that I am there to talk with the pastor about starting an NA meeting for addicts in the area. I say I did this nervously because well not everyone is accepting of things like this. Some people find it to be a waste of time and effort. As I typically do I began to explain the events that had lead me to the hallway of this church. As I told the brief version of my story this man who knows nothing of me other than what I had just told me looked me in the eyes and congratulated me on my sobriety and told me he was so very proud of me.

He went on to tell me that he thought what I was trying to do for my community was not only important but inspiring. We finished up our conversation and he walked away.

His girlfriend sat in the next bench over and quietly said to me “I am also an addict” and we began to talk about her journey. She explained to me that the lack of meetings in the area was troubling to her as well and if I was able to accomplish my task she felt she would greatly benefit from a meeting so close to home.

This filled my heart with the reassurance that I was not the only one who felt this way! I am not the only addict in need. We said our goodbyes and they left.

As the Pastor and I sat in her office discussing my plans she was nothing short of amazing. She went on to tell me not only will the be able to help me with a meeting space but that is she overjoyed to see something like this happening in our community as she herself feels a strong need for this.

She has not only offered me space but has offered to post my meetings on their public calendar so others may be able to find the help they are looking for.

I will also keep everyone updated as I move forward with this new adventure and once all is finalized I will post the day, time and location of my meetings here on the site for those that need a safe place to turn. I am currently waiting to hear back from NA about the status of my meeting kit and registration requirements.

Thank you for all of the continued love support you have all shown me. It means so much to me and helps keep me focused!

“There is no better high than discovery.” 
― E. O. Wilson