Things in my every day life didn’t change when I decided to move upstairs. I was still getting high all the time now I just had less worry when it came to drama and cops.

I also didn’t have to worry about my personal things being touched or coming home to people I didn’t know in the house all the time. Joe would always call or text me before coming home with people and would ask before inviting anyone over just in case I wasn’t in the mood to people.

He treated it as though it was our apartment and not just me staying in his house which was nice, because there were times that I didn’t want to people. We were great roommates. We included each other in almost every thing. When one of us was low on anything the other one had their back no questions asked or favors expected.

For a little while people thought maybe we were dating, we weren’t and we never did. We were just really good friends. I hadn’t had a friend like that in a long time. It was odd too as Joe wasn’t really someone you would think you could tell things to or have a good time with with out there being some kind of strings attached.

To be honest he was like that with most people. He wouldn’t help just anyone. I was never sure what it was that made Joe like one person more than another but there were very select few of us that he would go above and beyond for.

I remember being out of money and dope and hiding in my room most of the day because I was so dope sick I didn’t want to move. Everything hurt so much and I didn’t want anyone to see how sick I was. I took just a few hours of me hiding for Joe to knock on my bedroom door.

He just wanted to make sure I was okay. I think part of him was afraid something awful had happened on the other side of the door because his “are you okay” was urgent and shaky. I explained to him that I just wasn’t feeling well but I was okay. He followed my response with ” are you too sick to come out and share this dope I just got I don’t wanna get high by myself.

I jumped at the chance to get high. I needed it so bad I just wanted to feel better. So off into the living room I went where he was already breaking up lines. Joe was a snorter. I was not a complainer I did my drugs however I could. Joe knew I preferred the needle even though it wasn’t his thing.

A few lines in he tossed me a full bag and told me to do it my way if I wanted he wouldn’t be mad. When ever I shot up at home I always did so in my bedroom so that way Joe didn’t even have to see it and so back to my room I went. I did my thing and instantly felt so much better.

I spent the rest of the night nodding out on the couch half listening to the movie that played until I had come down enough to peel myself from the couch do another line and head off to bed.

I never thought I would find this kind of friendship in someone like Joe but at the time I was so thankful to have him.

“I can resist anything except temptation.” – Oscar Wilde