I am struggling… With my emotions, and communication. Finding motivation and drive. With believing in myself and the good things I deserve.

I am scared… Of myself. Of life. The past, present, and future. The paths in front of me. The things I’ve left behind me. All of the uncertainty.

I am drowning… In an ocean of depression and darkness. In a flood of intense emotions and irrational thoughts.

I am fighting… The demons residing inside of me. My insecurities. The urge to give up. The shit in this world trying to keep me down.

I am longing… For the arms of the man I love. For a home that we can call our own. The future, I have convinced myself is waiting for me.

I am missing… My family and friends. My spirituality. My routine. My space. Buffalo. Real pizza, wings, and subs. Snow. Myself.


I am hopeful.

I am strong.

I am determined.

I am resilient.

It takes strength and courage to admit the truth

Rick Riordan