Most of us enjoy music of some kind in life. No matter the genre of music we all tend to have a favorite. Something that brings what it is we are feeling to the surface in the most amazing way.

For me music is life. I grew up listening to country music most of my young life as it was my mother’s music of choice. As I grew up I found myself drifting towards pop\boybands (the 90’s were great) as other kids in school and my sisters did, but I quickly grew to love punk and rock music as a young teen\adult.

Most 90’s punk\rock music is full of angry emotions screamed out for everyone to hear with no shame and well at that age I could completely relate to almost everything I was listening to.

I had this connection to the music that made that hairs on my body stand up. The depths of my soul could be reached with a few well thought out lyrics and one hell of a guitar rift.

I would often lay in bed with my headphones on blasting my angry music imagining myself repeating the lyrics to whomever I felt needed to hear it at the time. I quickly discovered how much music could hit the soul on all levels of emotion not just anger. Sadness, love, loss and everything in between.

I had ( well have) this habit where my music choices tend to reflect my mood almost completely. If I am feeling sad I listen to the music that brings all that sad to the surface all those songs that break my heart with ease.

I am like this with most of my moods. You can almost always accurately detect my mood by the music I am listening to. If you listen carefully you can learn so much about who I am and what I am feeling all wrapped up in a melody that touches the part of me even I can’t seem to reach.

“How is it that music can, without words, evoke our laughter, our fears, our highest aspirations?” ― Jane Swan

About the Author

Brandy Clear is woman who has walked down some of the darkest paths life has to offer. She has taken a lot of these steps alone. As she has rebuilt her life and self she has made it her mission to be the light to as many people as she can. She wants no one to have to walk alone in the dark. She does not want to save you, she just wants to remind you that you are not alone.

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