Brandy Clear

Brandy Clear is a Smart, Beautiful and Creative woman. She has journeyed the world in the darkest and happiest of places. She is now on a mission to reach out and help others by telling her story and showing people there is light at the end of even the darkest tunnels.
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    The After Glow – wow! Didn’t realize what an impact that first meeting had on you! As we went home, we were very excited with how it went but I still wondered what you thought of my shaky voice. You don’t have to put this as a comment if you don’t want to. I just always wondered what your first impression was of us and my voice. We knew you went through a really rough time with your mom pressuring you to rescind the adoption papers and was going to get a lawyer but the agency said you would have to prove you could provide for your son and at that point, the first 30 days, they knew it was unlikely you would not be able to. We were so worried your mom would try to adopt him. Sometimes you have to stop worrying and trust in God.

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